Board of Directors



Members of the Board


John B. Sams, Jr, Lt Gen, USAF, Ret

Chairman, ARSAG

Chief Operating Officer, ARSAG

President, JSBJ & Associates, LLC


Ulick McEvaddy

Vice Chairman International, ARSAG


Omega Air


Charles L. Johnson, Lt Gen, USAF, Ret

VP Air Force Mobility, C3/Networks/Cyber, & Support Systems

The Boeing Company


Jeronimo Amador

Director Marketing MRTT

Military Aircraft – Marketing and Sales

Airbus Defence and Space


Bobby G. Fowler, Jr., Colonel, USAF, Ret

Principal Acct Mgr, KC-10, C-17, C-5, VIP/SAM

Rockwell Collins


Robert E. Dawson, Colonel, USAF, Ret

Vice Chairman Domestic, ARSAG

Aerospace Consultant


Steven A. Roser, Brig Gen, USAF, Ret

Vice President Consultant

Elbit Systems of America


Jphn Gomez

Pratt & Whitney

Military Engines

Boeing/Airlift/Tanker Programs


Richard K. (Keith) Traster, Colonel, USAF, Ret

Director Military Business Development

FlightSafety International


James O. Sutton, III, Colonel, USAF, Ret

Director, Global Relations

Northrop Grumman Corporation


Debbie N. Miller

General Manager, Military Tankers & Transports

GE Aviation


Allan E. Haenisch

Aerospace Consultant


Alex Thagard, Lt Colonel, USAF, Ret

Director, Global Business Development

Chromalloy Gas Turbine, LLC


Gomer C. Custer, Colonel, USAF, Ret

Secretary, ARSAG

Aerospace Consultant


Kenneth A. Kota

Senior Vice President

Business Development and Technology

Cobham Mission Systems


Greg M. (Bear) Pasfield, WGCDR Res, RAAF

Senior Principal Consultant

Air Mobility & Air Refueling,



James A. (Slim) Morgan, Colonel, USAF, Ret,

Chief Financial Officer, ARSAG

Senior Manager, Air Force Programs

GE Aviation


Charles H. Coolidge, Jr, Lt General, USAF, Ret (Alternate Member)

VP, Air Force Programs

EADS North America


Thomas J. Swiderek, Lt Colonel, USAF, Ret (Alternate Member)

President,  International Operations

Omega Air


Richard Raiford (Alternate Member) Director, Strategic Operations

Integrated Logistics & Modernization Division

Northrop Grumman Technical Services


David J. Davis (Alternate Member)

Government Systems Business Development Manager

Rockwell Collins


Stephen Matthews (Alternate Member)

VP Business  Development & Sales

Cobham Mission Systems


Bruce LaCharite (Alternate Member)

Director Intl Business Dev & Govt Affairs

FlightSafety International


Stan Skavdal (Alternate Member)

Snr. Mgr, AF Mobility & Training Programs

GE Aviation



Advisors to the Board


Thomas C. Coggeshall

Events Manager, ARSAG


Lloyd R. Thomas III

OSD, Defense Standardization Program Office


David A. Benson (JSB Chairman)



Farhad Choudhury

(JSB Deputy Chairman) l



Jerry Martinez, Major General

USAF Director of Air, Space, and Information Operations Hq Air Mobility Command/A3


Kenneth D. Lewis Jr, Major General, USAFR

Director of Air, Space and Information Operations

HQ Air Force Reserve Command AFRC/A3


Edwin J. Markie, Jr., Lt Colonel, USAF

Chief, NATO Jt Air Mobility Strategy,



Robert P. Tipton

C-130 Air Vehicle Utilities & Subsystems Mechanical Systems Engineering Manager

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company


Mark A. Pillar, Major General USAFR, Ret

Aerospace Consultant


Mark A. Shelly

Aircraft & Tanker Programs

The Boeing Company


Javier Yague

Standard A330 MRTT Chief Engineer

Airbus Defense and Space



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