ARSAG 2018

Draft agenda as of  9 April, 2018. Subject to change.


Dates: 24 - 26 April 2018



Associated Key Meetings

 ARSAG 2018 - Important Dates

NATO AARWG meeting, 22 April 0800


Steering Group Meeting, 22 April 1430


Workshop / JSB, 23 April 0800


Briefers’ Meeting, 23 April 1715

Hotel Information

 ARSAG 2018 - DAY  1, Tuesday, 24 April

Government Hotel:


Industry Hotel:


0700    Registration, Check-In, Badging      Ballroom Foyer


0700    Exhibits Grand Opening,                    Turquoise Ballroom

              Coffee, Networking


0800    Plenary Session Convenes             Presidio Ballroom


0800    Introductions                Lieutenant General John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                        ARSAG Chairman, Chief Executive Officer


0805    Guest Speaker             Lieutenant General Giovanni K. Tuck

                                                       Commander, 18th Air Force


International Military Status Reports

0845    Introductions Moderator:     Laurent Donnet,  Skytech

              NATO IS/DI                                 Donald Turnbull

              NATO AIRCOM                          Sqn Ldr Johnathan Berry

              EDA                                               Dion Polman

              JAPCC/NATO AARWG            Lt Col Edwin Markie

              MCCE                                             Lt Col Gian Luca D'Angelo

              Australia                                       Gp Capt Steve Pesce

              Canada                                          Maj Brian Crosier


              Germany                                      LTC Thilo Scholz


1000    Coffee, Exhibits & Networking         Turquoise Ballroom

1030     Plenary Session Reconvenes             Presidio Ballroom

               Israel                                             Rami Tabac

               Italy                                                Col Giueseppi Addesa

               Japan                                             Maj Koji "Esper" Yokoyama

               The Netherlands                        Maj Andy van Alphen

               Saudi Arabia




               United Arab Emirates

               United Kingdom

               Contract Refueling                    Tom Swiderek


1155     Guest Speaker                 Brigadier General Francesco Saverio Agresti

                                                            EATC Deputy Commander (DCOM)


1210     Luncheon                                       Turquoise Ballroom

                    Luncheon Guest Speaker

                           Ronald Johnston, Chief Test Pilot, KC-46, The Boeing Company


1340     Plenary Session Reconvenes      Presidio Ballroom

1340     Introductions                   Lieutenant General John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                            ARSAG Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

1345     Guest Speaker            Lieutenant General Maryanne Miller, USAF/RE


US Military Status Reports

1410     Introductions Moderator:              Lt Col Ed Schierberl, AFRC

               USN/USMC Update                          Farhad Choudhury, NAVAIR

               US Army



1450     Q & A

1500     Coffee, Exhibits & Networking     Turquoise Ballroom

1530     Plenary Session Reconvenes         Presidio Ballroom


Safety Reports

1530    US Military Safety Reports            Moderator: Lt Col Ed Schierberl, AFRC

              HH-60 Basker Oscillation

              US Air Force

              US Navy

              US Army

              US Marine Corps

              International Safety Reports        TBD

1605    Q & A


1610    ARSAG, Celebrating 40 Years        Tom Swiderek, Omega Air

1620    ARSAG Founders Award Presentation

                                                                          Lieutenant General John B. Sams, Jr.

                                                                                   ARSAG Chairman / CEO

                                                                          Dexter H. Kalt

                                                                                   ARSAG Executive Chairman

Reports from ARSAG Wokshop / Joint Standardization Board (JSB)

                                                                          for Aerial Refueling Systems

1630    Introductions                                       Farhad Choudhury, NAVAIR, JSB Chair

1635    ARSAG Published Documents        Harry Slusher, Boeing

1640    ARSAG Published Documents        Derek Ferwerda, NAVAIR

1645    Working Group Reports                   Working Group Leads

                                                                                         Eric Pepple, AFLCMC/WKC

                                                                                          Thomas Cavallaro, NAVAIR

                                                                                          John Luu, AFLCMC/WKE

                                                                                          Derek Ferwerda, NAVAIR

                                                                                          Gregory Twyford, Boeing

                                                                                           Jacob Benscoter, CASS

                                                                                           Steve McLaughlin, NAVAIR

                                                                                           Harry Slusher, Boeing

1655    Q & A



1705    Plenary Session Adjourn for the Day

1800    Exhibitors Reception                         Turquoise Ballroom

 ARSAG 2018 - DAY  2, Wednesday, 25 April

0700    Exhibits Open  Coffee, Networking     Turquoise Ballroom


0800    Plenary Session Reconvenes                  Presidio Ballroom

0800    Introduction                                Lieutenant General John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                                      ARSAG Chairman, Chief Executive Officer


0800    Guest Speaker            Lieutenant John F. Thompson

                                                       Commander, Space and Missile Systems Center


Operations Panel

0830    Introductions Chair/Moderator:            Col Greg Gilmour

                                                                                        Commander, 315 AW

0833    Tanker Planning Optimization       William Spacy, Office of the Deputy

                                                                               Assistant Secretary of the Air Force

                                                                               (SAF / EN)

0841    Optimizing Aerial Refueling                William Spacy, Office of the Deputy

              Airspeeds for CORONET Missions     Assistant Secretary of the Air Force

                                                                                     (SAF / EN)

0849    A-330 MRTT Operation in                 Loli Valer, Airbus

              SESAR / Next Gen

0857    RAAF Operations in the Middle East   Group Captain Bruce Pesce, RAAF

0905    Aerial Refueling Optimization                Eric Lepchenske, AASI

              and Planning System

0913    MC-130 AFSOC CAPES Brief                     MSgt Michael Mueller, ACC

0921    Q & A


0925    Guest Speaker                                   Major General Scott Zobrist

                                                                             Commander, 9th Air Force


0955    Coffee, Exhibits & Networking              Turquoise Ballroom

1025    Plenary Session Reconvenes                  Presidio Ballroom


Senior Military Panel Discussion

1025    Moderator:                     Lieutenant General John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                          ARSAG Chairman, Chief Executive Officer


                                                          Major General Scott Zobrist

                                                                      Commander, 9th Air Force

                                                          AIRCDRE Bill Kourelakos

                                                                     RAAF, Commander, Air Mobillity Group

                                                          Brigadier General Francesco Saverio Agresti

                                                                      EATC Deputy Commander (DCOM)

1115    Q & A


Interoperability Panel

1125    Introductions                                              Lt Col Edwin Markie, JAPCC

1130    Certification Specifications                    Maj Kees Verburg, RNLAF

1140    A-330 Synergies                                         Grp Capt Steve Pesce, RAAF

1150    Interoperabiity in Training                      Lt Col Timothy Mach, Dep. CC

                                                                                            100th OG, RAF Mildenhall

1200    KDC-10 OIR Operations                            Maj Jon O'Dell USAF,

                                                                                                RNLAF 334 Squadron

1210    Q & A

1215    Luncheon              Turquoise Ballroom


1345    Plenary Session Reconvenes      Presidio Ballroom


Training Panel

1345    Introductions Chair/Moderator:         Lt Col Al White, AETC 54 ARS/CC

1350    KC-46 Program Update                         Col John Newberry, AFLCMC/WKC

1400    KC-46 Training Status Update             Lt Col Dan Ruttenber, 56 ARS/CC

1410    509th Weapons School Update          Maj Will Down, 509 ARS/DOA

1420    KC-46 Aircrew Training Sys Update   Bruce LaCharite, FlightSafety

1430    Q & A


1435    Coffee, Exhibits & Networking           Turquoise Ballroom

1505    Plenary Session Reconvenes                Presidio Ballroom


 System Design Panel

1505    Opening Remarks & Session Agenda

                                                   Chair/Moderator:           Tom Cavallaro, NAVAIR

1510    Aerial Refueling Standards                     Mark Burket, AFLCLC/EZFA

1520    Automatic Air-to-Air Refueling              Juan Cabrera, Airbus

1530    KC-390 Update                                            Bruce Bunin, Embraer

1540    Q & A


Reliability and Maintainability Panel

1545    Introductions                                            Gregory Twyford, Boeing

1550    KC-135R/T and KC-10A                          Col Matthew Muha

              Aerial Refueling System                      Military Deputy Director for Tankers

              Status Report

1600    ARC-190 V9 Update and HF                   Ron Boden, Rockwell Collins

              Modernization Update

1610    KC-46 Maintenance Trainer                 Adrien Larsen, AFLCMC/WKC

1620    Self Protection for Tankers                  Roberto Scotto di Vettimo,

                                                                                                        Elettronica SpA

1630    Q & A

1640 Adjourn for the Day


 ARSAG 2018 - DAY  3, Thursday, 26 April

0700    Exhibits Open, Coffee & Networking      Turquoise Ballroom

0800    Plenary Session Reconvenes                      Presidio Ballroom


0800     Introductions                             Lieutenant General John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                                      ARSAG Chairman, Chief Executive Officer


0800     Guest Speaker                          AIRCDRE Bill Kourelakos

                                                                     RAAF, Commander, Air Mobility Group


Advanced Concepts Panel

0830    Introductions Chair/Moderator:          Farhad Choudhury, NAVAIR

0835    Air Force Research Lab                           Dan Schreiter, AFRL

              Advanced Aerial Refueling Research

0850    Integrated Precision Refueling             James "Buddy" Denham, NAVAIR

              On-Board Enhancement

0905    Q & A

0910    Guest Speaker                                          TBA


0940    Coffee, Exhibits and Networking       Turquoise Ballroom

1020    Plenary Session Reconvenes                Presidio Ballroom


Industry Panel

1020    Introductions                                               Tom Swiderek, Omega Air

1025    RAF Voyager Anniversary                        Geoff Winterbottom, Airtanker

                                                                                        Mike Soul, Airtanker

1035    HF Shunt Antennas Benefits                   Richard Hayden, ASB Avionics

              for KC-135 and C-130 Aircraft

1045    Auto Re-Router and                                    Joe Diner, Rockwell Collins

               the Tanker Mission

1055    FAA Landing Allowances with HUD      Bobby Fowler, Rockwell Collins

              and Enhanced Vision Systems Installed

1105    Aerial Refueling Services and                  Laurent Donnet, SkyTech

              Funding Solutions

1115    AAR Read Across Clearance Process    Jorge de la Fuente, Airbus

1125    KC-130 Pod Overhaul and Upgrade       Mike Bandak, Northstar

1135    Q & A


Studies & Analysis Panel

1140    Introductions                                               Tom Swiderek, Omega Air

1145    Aerial Refueling Model (ARM)                James Donovan, AMC/A9

              Overview and Demonstration

1155    Delivering Aerial Refueling Offload      Jeff Baker, Eaton Aerospace

              Solutions to the War Fighter

1210    Q & A


Test & Evaluation Panel

1215    Introductions                                                 Christopher Nickell, NAVAIR

1220    Airbus Flight Test Activities                      Jorge de la Fuente, Airbus

1235    Good Flow: E-2D Aerial Refueling          LCDR Joe Breeden, US Navy

                                                                                         Nathan Atkinson, NGC

1250    Air Refueling Test and Evaluation           WGCDR Gregory Pasfield

              An Essential Enabler for Air Power         QinetiQ Australia

              in the Western Pacific

1305    Q & A

1310    Plenary Session Wrap-up, Adjourn


1400     Focus Topic Seminars

                     Meeting Rooms TBD


                                                     Seminar 1

               Automated Aerial Refueling - Modeling and Simulation

                                   Moderator: Steve McLaughlin, NAVAIR


                          1) Architecture and Physics of model

                          2) Overall Model Performance, Validation

                               and Verification Efforts

                           3) Applications of Model

                          4) Areas for Collaboration


1400    Analytical Mechanics Associates

1420    Mide, Inc.

1440    NAVAIR/CTSI - Modeling & Tanker Based Stabillization

1510    Cobham

1530    Boeing

1550    Open Discussion


 1400                                                 Seminar 2

                                    Aerial Refueling Operations

                      Moderators: Col James (Slim) Morgan, USAF, Ret.

                                                Lt Col Mark Hasara, USAF, Ret.


1600    Seminars Adjourn


Sunday, 22 April

NATO Air-to-Air Refueling Working Group (attendance by invitation only)

0800 – 1400                           Lt Col Edwin Markie, USAF/JAPCC


Monday, 23 April

0700   Registration, Check-In, Badging Open           Ballroom Foyer


ARSAG Workshop / JSB Meeting*

0800    Introductions                     Lieutenant General John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                             ARSAG Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

0815    Meeting Minutes from                   Farhad Choudhury, NAVAIR, JSB Chair

              Sept 2017 Meeting Agenda

0830    ARSAG Workshop Review               Dex Kalt, ARSAG Executive Director

0845    JAPCC/NATO Report                        Lt Col Edwin Markie, JAPCC

0900    Working Group In-Briefs                Working Group Leads:

                                                                              WG 1 Eric Pepple, AFLCMC/WKE

                                                                               WG 2 Tom Cavallaro, NAVAIR

                                                                                WG 3 John Luu, AFLCMC/WKE

                                                                                WG 4 Greg Twyford, Boeing

                                                                                WG 5 Jacob Benscoter, CASS

                                                                                 WG 5a Steve McLaughlin, NAVAIR

                                                                                  WG 6 Harry Slusher, Boeing

0915    Working Groups Convene

1200    Lunch

1300    Working Groups Re-Convene

1545    Working Group Out-Briefs Working Group Leads

1625    Wrap-Up Dexter H. Kalt, ARSAG Executive Director

1630    Adjourn


        *ARSAG Workshops are open to military/government and industry

                            representatives of NATO nations and Australia.


Briefers Meeting

Presidio Ballroom

1715 – 1730     Instructions / Speakers’ Information Dissemination Form

1730 – 1830     All Presenters Submit Electronic Copy of Briefing


Wednesday, 25 April


1700 - 1830       Steering Group Meeting




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